Thursday, June 23, 2011

Demand Protection for Children traveling internationally!

Child advocates are expressing outrage over world   governments' continued failures to protect millions of defenseless children   targeted for criminal abduction each year by monsters who facilitate the   unforgiving crimes of internationally abducting or trafficking   children.  International border-crossing policies  often do not mandate that children traveling abroad present a valid  passport to border agents  if a child is traveling by land or sea. When a   child is stolen and illegally removed from their country of origin by either a   non-stranger such as a parent, or is a victim of a stranger abduction, that   child has been criminally kidnapped. The traumatic consequences placed on the   kidnapped child are severe. The majority of these defenseless victims will   never recover from the physical and emotional abuse directed toward them. Some   of these children are unable to recover: they are lost forever. Presently,  international air travel by a minor requires the presentation of a valid   passport.  However, many nations including the   United States permit the submission of a photocopy of a child’s citizenship   papers such as a photocopy of a birth certificate as an acceptable travel   document for a minor age 16 or younger when traveling abroad by land or   sea. 

Unquestionably, lax and   wreckless travel document policy requirements associated with minors traveling   by land or by sea have created a colossal legal loophole - a black hole - for   child-thieves and smugglers to criminally transport   and remove targeted children from one country to another until they are   inevitably gone forever.  Undeniably, by the sheer size of   the pandemic at hand, predators are utilizing these legal loopholes in   alarming, yet relatively immeasurable numbers.

Inconceivably,   many countries including the   United States, Canada, and nations in the European Union    have policies in place that allow   for a child 16 years old or younger traveling abroad by either land or by sea   to only present to border officials a photocopy of their proof of citizenship   such as their original birth certificate.

Child abduction prevention   advocates and researchers Carolyn Ann Vlk and Peter Thomas Senese, have   previously published several landmark reports including the 'International   Child Abduction and Human Trafficking In The Western Hemisphere'   and 'Crisis In America: International Parental Child   Abduction Today'. They are   currently leading a research   team that will publish  findings on the global epidemic of child   abduction and child trafficking as it relates to legal loopholes and other   related flaws associated with a child’s international travel documentation   requirements. The highly anticipated report titled   ‘Global Child Slavery and International Child Abduction Associated With Travel   Documentation Requirements' will be released in mid-July, 2011.

‘Chasing The Cyclone’   author and child advocate Peter Thomas Senese commented, “It is disturbing to   realize that various governments from around the world have turned their   responsible eyes away from the most often used illegal border-crossing   strategies implemented by predators involved in international abduction as   well as in the trafficking of children: illegally transporting a child into a   country by land or by sea using fraudulent documentation due to a senseless   policy often implemented often   stipulating that a child does not need to present a valid passport at a   border-crossing unless the child travels abroad by air. This is insane. Our   children demand more from each of us. Any international travel documentation   policy that does not include the use of a child being required to travel with   a valid passport is a policy that does not address the issues of the safety of   children. The upcoming report ‘Global Child Slavery and International Child   Abduction Associated With Travel Documentation Requirements' will not only   demonstrate how outlandish these non-passport requirement policies are, but   hopefully it will also educate judges, law enforcement, and policymakers of   just how critical and widespread these issues are. Having such   laws in place will also give judges and law enforcement personnel additional   tools they need to prevent the kidnapping of a child before it occurs, as once   the removal takes place, it is that much more difficult and expensive to   remedy.”

In fact, many governments'   immigration, borders, and customs agencies publicly and privately have voiced   that excessive travel documentation fraud has given rise to dramatic and   sweeping increases in the number of international child abductions and human   trafficking cases around the world. According to law enforcement officials   worldwide, the most effective means to determine if a child is legally   traveling abroad is by checking the child’s passport. Nevertheless, even the   presentation of a valid passport may not alleviate all illegal removals,   particularly those connected to an international parental child abduction due   to the potential issuance of a secondary passport related to a child’s   possible dual citizenship. However, access to real-time government records   associated with a valid passport provides border agents better insight into   who is legally crossing into their nation's borders.

Unquestionably, travel   documentation requirements that do not require for a child to present a valid   passport when traveling abroad by land or by sea have created a worldwide malignant epidemic that   continues to destroy millions of   lives each year.This plague is so wicked and ubiquitous that it is often   acknowledged by governments and leading human rights advocates around the   world as one of society’s greatest short-comings. Undoubtedly, there is no one   solution; however, it is evident to those familiar with international child   abduction and human trafficking that one sure-fire way to turn the tide   against the most evil of fates awaiting innocent children targeted for   international abduction is to mandate that every child traveling abroad   present a valid passport.
Carolyn Ann Vlk, drafter of   the State of Florida’s landmark ‘Child Abduction Prevention Act’ law and   co-author of numerous research reports on child abduction commented on the   need to conduct research on the global dilemma of abduction and trafficking as   it is related to significant gaps in travel documentation requirements for   children traveling abroad. “My volunteer advocacy in the area of   child abduction prevention has allowed me an unobstructed view of the horror   the families of a targeted child face.  I've spent an incredible amount   of time investigating and analyzing current legislation, policies, and trends   relevant to child abduction and I have uncovered significant loopholes that   are allowing children to be victimized through parental child abduction and   human trafficking.  In the report Peter Thomas Senese and I published   concerning the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), we realize the   policy was intended to prevent abduction and trafficking from occurring but in   reality it  facilitatesthe cross boarder abduction of   children through its deficiencies.  WHTI allows for the travel   requirements of children to vary depending if they are traveling by land,   sea or air.  In our upcoming report titled ‘Global Child   Slavery and International Child Abduction Associated With Travel Documentation   Requirements' we will publish our findings concerning travel documentation   issues as  they relate to   child abduction and slavery issues. Our future published findings   will demonstrate the urgent and   critical  need for uniform travel requirements for   children, including a passport requirement for all modes of travel.    Without uniform passport requirements, society will continue to embrace child   abduction and child trafficking, and this is completely   unacceptable.”

Oslo based Mr. Martin   Waage, the Director of ABP World Group:  a world-renown investigation and   security team that has remarkably been directly involved in safely recovering   over 200 criminally internationally abducted children commented on the   outrageous border-crossing situation. "The expanding number of criminally   abducted and trafficked children presents a deeply disturbing overview of how   severe the situation is. Tragically, the greatest challenge we face in the war   against child abduction and trafficking is our inability to carefully monitor   and control our borders. Most nations do not have border exit controls.   Coupling this incapability with weak travel documentation requirements for   children, the hope advocates like myself have to one day reverse the current   growth trend is dismal. As one of the leading organizations operating within   the recovery of abducted, missing, and kidnapped children, ABP World Group has   for years seen an explosive increase in the number of abducted and kidnapped   children worldwide. Individual countries' lack of regulation and inspection of   travelers, including the European Union’s open borders, has facilitated a   large flow of trafficked victims, children abducted by their parents, and   kidnappings across borders. This is particularly true in Eastern European,   Asian and African countries. In order to stop the destruction of an   unthinkable number of children's lives, lawmakers in all countries must   address these needs and create laws that protect children's rights, including,   critically, changing the travel documentation requirements for all children   traveling abroad to include the presentation of a valid passport at all border   crossings. Having recovered a substantial number of criminally abducted   children taken to and from all over the world, I cannot express in strong   enough terms the need to have passports presented at all border crossings for   minors traveling abroad. Any failure by governments to address this issue is a   direct and absolute disregard to a nation’s most precious citizens: its   children."

Janice L. Jacobs, Assistant   Secretary of State for Consular Affairs stated in the ‘Report on   Compliance with the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International   Child Abduction’ previously submitted to the U.S. Congress that   "Unfortunately, current trends reflect a steady increase in the number   of international parental child abduction cases and highlight the urgency of   redoubling efforts to promote compliance with Convention obligations and   encourage additional nations to join the Convention." She also writes,   "Very few options exist for parents and children who are victims of   parental child abduction."

Florida lawyer Patricia   Lee, a prominent, successful international family law attorney often referred   to in international law circles as a pit-bull with lipstick and who is of   counsel to the international law firm of Urban Thier Federer   & Jackson and who has substantial familiarity with   international parental child abduction cases added, “As a family   law practitioner who frequently deals with international issues, I see the   risk of, and actual incidences of child abduction growing proportionately to   our world shrinking. The failure, or inability, of courts to aggressively   pursue reasonable precautions to proactively prevent such abductions is a   crime in and of itself. Once an abduction has taken place, the left behind   parent faces a morass of legal issues that are not only difficult to surmount   due to language and cultural differences, but are also prohibitively expensive   for the ordinary parent. The backlash is often permanent, and goes without any   redress at all. Our best recourse is to prevent the removal of children at   risk prior to it occurring, and we absolutely must have laws and procedures in   place that allow us to do so. Anything less is simply irresponsible, and   inhumane on a global scale. Children across the world deserve these simple   safeguards from such abduction and victimization.”

Ernie Allen, President   and CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited   Children and International Centre for Missing & Exploited   Children previously addressed the crimes against children when he said,   "The problem of missing, abducted, trafficked and sexually exploited   children is large, growing, under-recognized and   under-reported." In addition, Mr. Allen commented   that, "Children are the leading victims of violent and personal   crimes in this country, victimized at a rate twice as high as the general   population."  Continuing he stated, “Children are the single   most victimized segment of our population.  Even with all of the progress   we have made, most Americans still don’t understand that basic fact.    According to Justice Department research, more than 2,000 children will be   reported missing in the United States today!" Mr. Allen   added, "The numbers are staggering. The tragedies continue and too   many children do not make it home."

San Francisco based Gloria   Nyberg, who has dedicated several decades of her life to successfully and   safely bringing home children criminally abducted abroad added, “Documentation   falsifications is a consistent aspect of travel for children being transported   from one country to another, particularly in South and Central   America.  Children disappear daily, where they are   eventually sold and distributed around the world for to beasts trading in the   child sex slave industry, to drug dealers increasing their cartel’s presence,   or are simply killed for their body organs. Without upholding passport travel   requirements for children traveling from one country to another, we are in   fact responsible for the monumental problem on our hands that has been   partially created by our own failures to protect our children. It is time that   we act responsibly as adult citizens charged with protecting innocent   children. Indeed, we have an obligation to do our very best to prevent the   facilitation of international abduction and child slavery. It is critical that   each government adopt a passport-only travel documentation policy for children   traveling abroad. Anything less than this is irresponsible.”
Pamela Michell, the   remarkable founder of Survivor On A Mission and a leading global advocate   spearheading public awareness of human trafficking and slavery issues stated,   “Today, there are tens of millions of child slaves with no hope   for a future.  Kept silent through fraud, force or coercion, children   around the world are stolen from their communities in epidemic   proportion. Most are forced into slave labor, some caged for sexual   exploitation, others await the harvesting of their vital organs, while   others abducted live a life on the run...each enduring trauma and danger   few will overcome. Strong action is needed now by all governments to protect   our children’s' future. Critically we call upon the creation and   enforcement of global laws that require a passport to be presented any   time a minor travels abroad. Without this, the massive amount of travel   documentation fraud that exists today that accounts for an inconceivable and   incredulous number of innocent children to be targeted victims of abduction   and slavery crimes will continue to rise. As global citizens, we demand more   from our governments. Our children expect better from each of us."

International child   trafficking and child abduction continue to grow at rapid, uncontrollable, and   extraordinary rates. Alarmingly, there still remain achievable protective   protocols that can substantially make a difference in the war against child   abduction and slavery. One of the most important tools each nation has   available to combat the evil of child abduction is to require all children to   present a valid passport when traveling abroad.   Peter   Thomas Senese added, “What is at stake are the lives of millions of targeted   children each year. Simply put, we must modify existing laws to include   passport presentation for all travelers abroad regardless of age.”

The highlyanticipated report titled ‘Global Child Slavery and International   Child Abduction Associated With Travel Documentation Requirements' will be   released in mid-July, 2011. To view the'International Child Abduction and   Human Trafficking In The Western Hemisphere' report or for more   information on please visit

Monday, April 18, 2011

Best Strategy to Prevent Human Trafficking: FAIR TRADE

How does buying Fair Trade fight Human Trafficking?

The implications of Fair Trade are far-reaching.  Simple purchases of ethically produced products allow each of us to actively contribute to the restoration of global injustice.   Maybe this correlation will stir and motivate you to begin buying Fair Trade. 

Human Trafficking, also known as modern-day slavery is the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world today.  It is estimated that 27 million people are currently enslaved in various forms of sexual and labor exploitation …more than at the height of the trans-atlantic slave
trade (Kevin Bales, 

According to the 2009 Trafficking in Persons Report, “The movement to stop human trafficking includes significant efforts to address factors that ‘push’ victims into being trafficked, but also recognizes a ‘pull’ factor as part of the cause…One key to addressing such demand is raising awareness about the existence of forced labor in the production of goods…In the global marketplace for goods, ensuring that complex supply chains are untainted by forced labor is a challenge for both businesses and consumers…Any successful effort to combat human trafficking must confront not only the supply of trafficked humans, but also the demand for forced labor and commercial sex that fuels it.”

The easiest and most effective way to combat human trafficking is to continually use your
consumer power to support abolition with your wallet by purchasing fair trade certified products made by survivors of human trafficking.

Fair Trade Certified products are slave free, child-labor-free, and exploitation free. Adults are paid a fair living wage so their children can go to school…they don’t work to help support their families.

The CNN Freedom Project lists various ways to find out and ensure that the products we consume are slavery free.

See the 4/6/2011 CNN Freedom Project (Video) Julia Ormond: Slavery like virus in supply chain.

In this video, actress Julia Ormond, who has been an anti human trafficking activist for several decades, talks about how the consumer, government and business all play roles in ensuring the supply chain for goods is free of slavery."

Quality Assurance and Food Safety STR RS Helps with California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Compliance.  By January 2012, major manufacturers and retailers within the state of California must fully disclose the efforts made to ensure their products have not been tainted by slavery or forced labor at any point within the supply chain. For more information on this new California law requiring companies to disclose what efforts they are taking to fight slavery within their production chains, see

Further, under the Abolition of Child Commerce, Exploitation and Sexual Slavery Act of 2011, an additional $25,000 for the Victim-Witness Assistance Fund would be inflicted on any individual in the state who is convicted of committing a sex crime against a victim who is under 16 years of age. It would also apply to anyone who attempts to or does have sexual relations with a prostitute under the age of 16.

I believe most people are willing to pay slightly more for goods produced free of exploitation, and encourage readers to make informed buying decisions.  Thank you for your interest and support of Survivor On A Mission. Be aware, stay safe and stay blessed. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Chocolate Lover's CALL to ACTION

As a chocoholic, with a heavy heart I say good-bye to two of my longtime staple foods:  Reeses peanut butter cups and Whoppers...both produced by Hersheys.  The great American chocolate bar and giant among U.S. candymakers sources cocoa through supply chains exploiting the worst forms of child labor, according to Tulane University.  I thought YOU deserve to know, so YOU can make informed buying decisions.

Since 2006, under contract with the US Department of Labor, Tulane has monitored industry progress in implementing Harkin-Engel protocol to produce Fair Trade Certified chocolate.  Nestle and Mars are upgrading policies and procedures, making steady progress to ensure the integrity of their supply chain.  Hershey's REFUSES.  Much of the worlds chocolate is sourced from the Ivory Coast where it is likely child slaves were involved.  These kids don't go to school or play with their friends.  They are purchased by slavemasters who program them to believe they work for their keep.  Not "room and board" as we would think...they are kept in horrific living conditions, working 12-14 hours a day then left to beg for food. No such thing as a restful night's sleep, no medical care.  Nobody cares or advocates for these children. 

Before becoming aware, I patronized Hershey's and the exploitation of these precious children and it's left a bitter taste in my mouth. Today I ask you to join me in choosing alternative chocolate products, sending a powerful message with your pocketbook.  For those of us in the U.S. on modest budgets, look for products by Mars or Nestle.  Another of my longtime favorites (now replacing Reeses peanut butter cups and Whoppers) is M & M's, made by Mars, using fair trade certified chocolate. 

The food/fuel we take into our bodies is energetically colored by its processing.  I urge readers to consider choosing fair trade certified cocoa and other food products to nurture a sweeter spirit within.  For the ultimate chocolate experience, enjoy DIVINE chocolate, now available in the U.S.  At you will discover what makes their chocolate divine!  While it may not be your everyday staple food/chocolate product, I find the indulgence unmistakenly and simply DIVINE.

Some say "We are what we eat".  Like a negative experience, it can make you bitter or it can make you better...and YOU deserve the best!  Join me in fueling yourself with certified chocolate...good riddens Reeses.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Near fatal ordeal inspired Survivor On A Mission

As you may know, Survivor On A Mission was inspired by the near fatal ordeal my adoptive mother and I endured in Federal Way, WA.  Before the 2003 passing of our beloved Edward (husband/father), Mom's cognitive abilities fell sharply due to a series of strokes.  An only child, I was responsible for Mom.  When she fell and broke her hip less than 6 weeks after Dad passed, horrific and almost unbelievable series of circumstances ensued.  In my state of shock, grief and overwhelm, I failed to recognize we were the targeted prey of a man I met in Honolulu who introduced himself as a nurse who had run adult family homes in Washington State.

Leaving the gorry details aside, our experience in no way reflected the agreed arrangement.  Completely isolated and "conditioned", there seemed no way to escape captivity.  Enduring daily torture, my injuries included 5 broken ribs, fractured pelvis, broken nose and jaw.  I was too physically disabled to care for my mother.  Regaining consciousness after strangulation, finally I realized if I didn't escape we would both die there.  There was no alternative to leaving my bedridden mother with the monster who held us captive.

Mom had intermittently been on hospice care over the last six years of her life.  While hospice supports surviving family as well as the patient in transition, Mom rebounded repeatedly and in the end, her passing the morning before Thanksgiving stunned me.  I got the call from Franciscan Hospice in the afternoon of Nov. 23rd.  I was in SoCal, and Mom was just outside of Seattle which was paralyzed by an early winter storm.  Mom passed in less than 14 hours...before I could get there.  She and her beloved Edward were together for Thanksgiving.  Bedridden since breaking her hip, she is blessed to be in a better place.  Nurses held the phone to Mom's ear as I vowed our ordeal was not in vain.  Survivor On A Mission advocacy and awareness warms others in vulnerable circumstances to recognize red flag warnings and potentially deadly pitfalls of falling prey to a con-artist.

Our case met the technical definition of human trafficking as well as near fatal domestic abuse.  Culminating four years of legal proceedings, our captor was sentenced in 2009 to 30 years at WallaWalla.  As you may imagine, severe post-traumatic implications will have live-long effect.  I've been blessed to receive training from Great Life Technologies as a Trauma Resolution Specialist which provided incredible self-healing and allows me to support others in their post-traumatic shift from Survive to Thrive.

Survivor On A Mission provides education, advocacy and resource coordination to survivors of abuse, abduction, rape, human trafficking and other traumas.  Your tax deductible contributions are sincerely appreciated.  Be Aware, Stay Safe, and share in a blessed holiday season and year ahead. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Be A Hero For Sara

Today,  YOU have the opportunity to be a hero in the life of Sara Kruzan…a survivor of human trafficking. The daughter of a drug addict, at age 11 Sara was first introduced to a then 31-year old man who began conditioning /brainwashing her for exploitation. At 13, he first raped her then forced her into prostitution. After 3 years, Sara snapped and shot him. Years before the passage of the TVPA, Sara was sentenced to life without parole. Now 32, Sara has spent half of her life in prison and has requested Governor Schwarzenegger to invoke his discretionary authority to commute her sentence in her pending clemency plea. Consistently, Sara has proven to be a model prisoner; she completed her college degree during incarceration and has experienced unparalleled personal growth.

Read Sara’s story. Included below is an excerpt from her letter to the governor and links to well-researched media coverage about Sara. U.S. residents from all states and territories are encouraged to sign the electronic petition while personal letters to Gov. Schwarzenegger from the global community will have greatest impact on Sara’s behalf. I’ve posted the letter I wrote and will continue posting letters from compassionate friends who have shared their letters with me for YOU to use as an example.

Sara’s plea, in her own words, follows.
“My Life began on January 8, 1978, in Los Angeles, California. I was born to a mother who brought me into this world unwed and unsure of her decision to keep me. I grew up in Monrovia, California, in a two bedroom duplex directly across the street from my elementary school. I have fond memories of entering a drawing contest, riding my bike and learning how to cut roses the right way from my elderly neighbor. As I write this letter though, my happy memories are far and few in between, I cannot move forward until I can express what I must sincerely convey.”

“My childhood memories are a reminder to me that George Howard was a father himself. That he had a son and his son no longer has a father because of my actions. George was a son himself and what I have done and the remorse I feel will never go away, nor do I wish it to. I feel a deep set sorrow for taking George's life. It is daily I experience a level of grief and sadness in my heart and in my thoughts. However, as I mentioned I do not want this emotion to go away. It is a part of who I am today and I have utilized it to grow in a healthy manner. It is through the aid of intense therapy, self help groups and inspiration readings such as "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl.”

“Through these inner struggles, it became a challenge for me that the feelings of remorse I hold for George are also for the young child I once was who was abused on many levels by him. I really want this letter to be about the person I am today, rather than about the pain and abuse I suffered in the past. But I know that abuse still remains a part of who I am today. I endured mental and physical abuse from my mother at a very early age. I also was sexually abused by many people. This includes George Howard, who first sexually assaulted me when I was eleven years old and who began sexually trafficking me when I was thirteen years old. This continued until I was 16 years old. I was two months past my sixteenth birthday when I shot and killed George.”

“When I first arrived at Central California Women's Facility I was eighteen years old and unsure of my new home. I carried within me the pain and rage from my past. There was a struggle inside me though that wanted to develop. There was a young Sara who was the track runner, student body president and person who even wrote about Drugs and its Effects that wanted to grow. However in prison without strong guidance it’s easier to let emotions of pain and anger out. After several years of my incarceration that strong guidance found me. Her name is Lt. Z. Cooper. What she did was plant seeds of encouragement. Her words gave me the strength I needed to desire to no longer feel empty inside. I discovered many positive outlets for myself. More self help groups were offered and I signed up for them. There groups helped me set healthy boundaries for myself. Even though I cannot change the blue print of my past, but I am able to build a foundation that's planted within.”

“Today at thirty-two years old I am not a victim. And that young girl I felt inside me before has grown and developed and is able to express herself in the woman I am today. And the woman I am today is able and capable of making healthy choices for myself. No longer will I compromise who I am for others. Today I can and do lead a life of example for others. If I am given the opportunity to rejoin society I know I will make the most of it. Just like I have made the most and continued to make the most of my life here. I am requesting a commutation of my sentence based on my history of abuse, my youthful age and vulnerability at the time of the crime and because of the person I am today. It is with love I seek to be forgiven, it is with love I have forgiven all who have hurt me. I sincerely request to be forgiven for the harm and pain I have caused. I appreciate this opportunity to have the time to explain a bit about myself to you and respectfully request a grant of clemency.”

I know Sara is a hero and a powerful advocate whose ordeal has not been in vain. Join me now, in advocating on her behalf… as a personal favor to me. What if she were your child, your sister or niece? Urge Governor Schwarzenegger to liberate Sara as part of his legacy. Collectively, we hold the power to influence Gov. Schwarzenegger’s consideration. Step up and take time to show that you care and what you stand up for. As of 10/6 there were 1,175 signatures on the electronic petition. Message me with your signature number… better yet, copy me the letter you mail with your consent for me to include it as a sample for other concerned citizens. Thank you, in advance. Your awareness, interest and action is crucial and genuinely appreciated.

Survivor On A Mission is in pre-launch of Heroes In Training which empowers ordinary and extraordinary people around the world to be heroes, saving or transforming lives. Visit or for additional information and share in a blessed week ahead.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hero Qualities Transform Lives...the HERO in YOU

Ramping up for launch of Heroes In Training, my colleage/consultant/advisor in terms of technical application of trauma resolution provided me with an anchoring session yesterday. Thank you, Magi Speelpenning, for your valuable advice! Heroes in Training empowers everyday people, through awareness and preparation, to step up and become a hero...saving or transfoming lives.

We don't have to be trained firefighters, martial arts experts, or even CPR certified to save a life. A perfectly placed anonymous phone call is frequently all it takes. As a survivor of near fatal domestic abuse, repeated rape and human trafficking, I recognize how sociopaths are able to condition anyone to comply with a brutal, morbid existence...quietly. With my background in social services, I'm answering the call to extend what will serve as a solution for many trapped in such an existence.

Magi reminded me of four qualities inherent in heroes...anchoring these characteristics in our daily lives enhances every life and group we come in contact with...COURAGE, COMPASSION, LOVE and HONOR. In your home, your community, your workplace or in your travels, these qualities are YOUR GIFT to humanity.

On Thursday, September 29, 2010, I have the honor of guesting on Ken King's radio program and will highlight Heroes In Training, designed to compliment Survivor On A Mission. Heroes In Training will enlist corporate support from organizations like UPS, FedEX, Time Warner, utility and public works companies, all types of installers and delivery workers to name a few...empowering everyday people to step up and be a hero simply through their awareness and preparation.

Know the indicators and the number to call when possibilities of abuse, rape, trafficking, or risk of suicide occur on YOUR watch. Recognize survivors of these and other atrocities are frequently plagued with post traumataic stress which can be resolved through countless therapy-free holistic techniques as well as more traditional therapy. Envision yourself as the conduit, guiding the "victim" from SURVIVE to THRIVE!

One in 4 women reports abuse during her lifetime, one in 3 women experiences rape during her college career. The person YOU assist, may well be someone YOU love. Each of us is precious. Thank you for your interest and support. Visit for more information. BE AWARE, STAY SAFE, STAY BLESSED...YOU are LOVED!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flattery may lead to abduction...w/ Sam Watkins BTR

Honored to guest on Sam Watkins BTR, Tues. Sept. 7th, I'll be discussing red flag indicators that flattery may lead to abduction. Recorded from 7-9PM Central time, Sam dedicates the first half hour to missing/awareness updates...I'll be on @7:30 Central, 5:30 PM Pacific. Although teens are most vulnerable, anyone can become prey to an abductor. Abductors are master manipulators. They sense their opportunity when we are at risk. Few think this way, so we just don't see it coming. It may be a seemingly mild-mannered lady, not always the stereo-typed thug, who draws in the "victim". Their motivation is MONEY. Human trafficking is a 31 billion dollar a year industry. Often "victims" are sucked into the sex trade, tho thousands are lured to work as domestics, agricultural workers, in production/manufacturing or countless other industries. Any time fraud, force or coersion is used to exploit one sexually or the fruits of their labor, it's trafficking.

Because the risk is low and profits ridiculously high, gangs and organized crime are heavily involved. Often activities are parallel to drug or weapons trade...these networks are well-established. Anyone who displays/reveals a need to provide for themself and/or others can be lured into the web. Runaways, foster children, and immigrants desperate for a better life are frequently targeted...sometimes lured from gas stations or supermarket parking lots by a seemingly generous offer. The abductor typically hands off his prey to someone in his/her channel. Emotional brainwashing or conditioning is facilitated through deprivation of sleep and food, cemented with physical force. Conditioning is so thorough, prey endures silently even if they are offered help. The level of trauma that ensues can be paralyzing. In most areas, local law enforcement does not recognize or know how to handle these situations. Simply by placing an anonomous call to 888-3737-888, the Human Trafficking Hotline, YOU can be a hero. YOU can save or transform a life.

We'll go in depth during the program, and I'll describe Tomorrows Heroes In Training which bridges community members and corporate America to the social services arena I've dedicated the past 20 years of my life to. I recognize many don't want to hear about the gloom and doom of human trafficking, abuse or abduction...yet you don't need to be trained as a fireman or defense expert to save or transform a life. Now recruitting: Tomorrow's Heroes In Training. Enrollment and subscription opportunities will be unveiled shortly, thanks to a team of incredible coaches and mentors who genuinely and whole-heartedly support the vision.

Visit or Be aware and be safe. Blessings to you and yours; each one of you is precious to me. This world needs YOU!