Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flattery may lead to abduction...w/ Sam Watkins BTR

Honored to guest on Sam Watkins BTR, Tues. Sept. 7th, I'll be discussing red flag indicators that flattery may lead to abduction. Recorded from 7-9PM Central time, Sam dedicates the first half hour to missing/awareness updates...I'll be on @7:30 Central, 5:30 PM Pacific. Although teens are most vulnerable, anyone can become prey to an abductor. Abductors are master manipulators. They sense their opportunity when we are at risk. Few think this way, so we just don't see it coming. It may be a seemingly mild-mannered lady, not always the stereo-typed thug, who draws in the "victim". Their motivation is MONEY. Human trafficking is a 31 billion dollar a year industry. Often "victims" are sucked into the sex trade, tho thousands are lured to work as domestics, agricultural workers, in production/manufacturing or countless other industries. Any time fraud, force or coersion is used to exploit one sexually or the fruits of their labor, it's trafficking.

Because the risk is low and profits ridiculously high, gangs and organized crime are heavily involved. Often activities are parallel to drug or weapons trade...these networks are well-established. Anyone who displays/reveals a need to provide for themself and/or others can be lured into the web. Runaways, foster children, and immigrants desperate for a better life are frequently targeted...sometimes lured from gas stations or supermarket parking lots by a seemingly generous offer. The abductor typically hands off his prey to someone in his/her channel. Emotional brainwashing or conditioning is facilitated through deprivation of sleep and food, cemented with physical force. Conditioning is so thorough, prey endures silently even if they are offered help. The level of trauma that ensues can be paralyzing. In most areas, local law enforcement does not recognize or know how to handle these situations. Simply by placing an anonomous call to 888-3737-888, the Human Trafficking Hotline, YOU can be a hero. YOU can save or transform a life.

We'll go in depth during the program, and I'll describe Tomorrows Heroes In Training which bridges community members and corporate America to the social services arena I've dedicated the past 20 years of my life to. I recognize many don't want to hear about the gloom and doom of human trafficking, abuse or abduction...yet you don't need to be trained as a fireman or defense expert to save or transform a life. Now recruitting: Tomorrow's Heroes In Training. Enrollment and subscription opportunities will be unveiled shortly, thanks to a team of incredible coaches and mentors who genuinely and whole-heartedly support the vision.

Visit or Be aware and be safe. Blessings to you and yours; each one of you is precious to me. This world needs YOU!

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