Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hero Qualities Transform Lives...the HERO in YOU

Ramping up for launch of Heroes In Training, my colleage/consultant/advisor in terms of technical application of trauma resolution provided me with an anchoring session yesterday. Thank you, Magi Speelpenning, for your valuable advice! Heroes in Training empowers everyday people, through awareness and preparation, to step up and become a hero...saving or transfoming lives.

We don't have to be trained firefighters, martial arts experts, or even CPR certified to save a life. A perfectly placed anonymous phone call is frequently all it takes. As a survivor of near fatal domestic abuse, repeated rape and human trafficking, I recognize how sociopaths are able to condition anyone to comply with a brutal, morbid existence...quietly. With my background in social services, I'm answering the call to extend what will serve as a solution for many trapped in such an existence.

Magi reminded me of four qualities inherent in heroes...anchoring these characteristics in our daily lives enhances every life and group we come in contact with...COURAGE, COMPASSION, LOVE and HONOR. In your home, your community, your workplace or in your travels, these qualities are YOUR GIFT to humanity.

On Thursday, September 29, 2010, I have the honor of guesting on Ken King's radio program and will highlight Heroes In Training, designed to compliment Survivor On A Mission. Heroes In Training will enlist corporate support from organizations like UPS, FedEX, Time Warner, utility and public works companies, all types of installers and delivery workers to name a few...empowering everyday people to step up and be a hero simply through their awareness and preparation.

Know the indicators and the number to call when possibilities of abuse, rape, trafficking, or risk of suicide occur on YOUR watch. Recognize survivors of these and other atrocities are frequently plagued with post traumataic stress which can be resolved through countless therapy-free holistic techniques as well as more traditional therapy. Envision yourself as the conduit, guiding the "victim" from SURVIVE to THRIVE!

One in 4 women reports abuse during her lifetime, one in 3 women experiences rape during her college career. The person YOU assist, may well be someone YOU love. Each of us is precious. Thank you for your interest and support. Visit www.survivoronamission.org for more information. BE AWARE, STAY SAFE, STAY BLESSED...YOU are LOVED!


NurseVi said...

PAM, you are a not only a SURVIVOR, but also a true HERO to many woman who are either victims themselves, or may become one. My hope is that everyone will listen to your story and then educate themselves on how to stay safe and what to do if they find themselves in a most difficult situation as you did. God Bless You and THANK YOU!

Nanakoosa said...

I absolutely love this! The emphasis on Hero rather than victim or survivor or helpless bystander is a refreshing approach. All us survivors would benefit from remembering the we are Heros, for surviving, and for telling our stories and daring to confront the status quo that allows these things to happen! Would you mind if I post a link to your website on my blog and website?

Thank You for all you are doing, for your courage and strength!

Linda said...

As I spoke with a young college age girl yesterday following our performance of CONTROL.ASSAULT.DELETE, she cried as she said, "I was your daughter (speaking of my daughter and her ultimate murder as a result of DV)for four years - and then I finally left." I told her - you are a HERO and embraced her.